Program Requirements DRAFT

General Undergraduate Core Requirements (45 credit hours)

Oral Communication Skills (3 credit hours): COM 210, COM 211
English Composition (3 credit hours): EN 203
Advanced Oral or Written Communication (3 credit hours): COM 406, COM 437, COM 455, EN 325, EN/PL 482, EN 475
Literature/Humanities (6 credit hours):
Literature/Humanities Elective (3 credit hours) Any 300-400 EN, all HU courses, all COM courses (excluding COM 210, COM 211, COM 406, and COM 437)
Global Issues (6 credit hours): COM 400, COM 412, CR 466, EC 335, EC 400, CIV 410, CIV 420, HS 240E-W, HU 435E-W, HU 421E-W, SO 204, SO 340, SO 341, SO 446, SO 469F, SO 472, IRSH 410E-W, RC 450, RC 458, RC 459

Social Sciences (6 credit hours): CIV 410, CIV 420, CIV 430, CIV 440, COM courses (excluding COM 210, COM 211, COM 406 and COM 437), all EC, all ED, all HS, all PY, all SO courses, all CR courses

Mathematics (3 credit hours):
(College-level algebra or higher)
MT 201, MT 260, or Equivalent course College-level Algebrar or higher course (requires department approval)
Natural Sciences (3 credit hours): SCI 205E, SCI 206E, SCI 410E, SCI 411E
Philosophy (6 credit hours): All PL courses
Religious Studies (6 credit hours): All RC, all RS courses 
Natural Science Lab Requirements (in addition to core studies)
    Natural Science and Laboratory course work (4 semester hours)
    Natural Science and Laboratory course work (4 semester hours)
Foundational Courses (32 credit hours)
Foundational Computing  
    CS 202 Computational Foundations
    CS 210 Introduction to Programming
    CS 310 Data Structures
    CS 324 Algorithms and Analysis
Platform-Based Development & DB Requirements* (select one)
    CS 336 Web and Database Applications OR
    CS 338 Mobile and Enterprise Computing
Statistics Requirement (select one)
    MT 270 Introduction to Statistics OR
    MT 470A Mathematical Statistics
Lower Division Mathematics Requirements   
    MT 320  Introduction to Discrete Mathematics 
    MT 360A  Calculus I (4 credit hours)
    MT 360B  Calculus II (4 credit hours)
Foundational Elective Requirement (select one)  
    CS 208 Computer Science Fundamentals OR
    CS 336* Web and Database Applications OR
    CS 338* Mobile and Enterprise Computing OR
    CS 346 Introduction to Game Development OR
    CS 370 Assembly Programming
  *Note: Both CS 336 and CS 338 can be taking using one as an elective.

Upper Division Major Requirements (33 credit hours)

CS 402 Principles of Programming Languages
CS 430 Operating Systems
CS 440 Computer Organization and Architecture
CS 444 Software Engineering
CS 475 Computation Theory
CS 479 Ethical Leadership in Computer Science
Intelligent Systems Requirement (select one)  
    CS 464 Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks OR
    CS 473 Artificial Intelligence
Upper Division Mathematics Requirement (select one)  
    MT 405 Numerical and Computational Methods OR
    MT 415 Linear Algebra OR
    MT 463 Differential Equations
Computing Concentration (9 credit hours)
 Students must complete 9 credit hours of electives selected from the Concentrations listed below.
General Electives (10 credit hours)
 General elective semester hours may vary depending on the number of semester hours taken in the core.
Available Concentrations
 Computer Science Concentration
    CS 421 Data Science
    CS 433 Computer Systems Security
    CS 445 Database Management
    CS 450 Data Networks
    CS 465 UNIX Operating System
    CS 485 Software Engineering Process
    CS 486 Software Engineering Management
    CS 487 Software Engineering Quality and Testing
    CS 490 Independent Study in Computer Science
    CS 492 Special Topics in Computer Science
    CS 498 Internship
 Computer Engineering Concentration
    CS 441 Digital Design Theory and Technologies
    CS 451 Telecommunications: Applied Digital Signal Processing
    CS 462 Computer Systems Performance Analysis
 Computer Information Systems Concentration
    Nine semester hours of Computer Information Systems course work selected in consulatation with your academic advisor.
 Information Technology Concentration
    Nine semester hours of Information Technology course work selected in consulatation with your academic advisor.

Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list above and you should contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for recent changes and updates.