Rick Blumenthal

Professor in the Computer Science Department
School of Computer and Information Sciences
Regis University, Denver, CO, 80221, USA
rblument <@> regis<dot>edu
303-458-4304; fax 303-964-3624
Last Updated: Mar. 14, 2017

B.S. Mathematical Computer Science, Lock Haven State College, (1983).
M.S. Computer Science, Rutgers University, (1985).
Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, (1998).

CS Department ChairRegis University, (2014-present).
      Teaching, curriculum development, course development (including online), managment of CS faculty, and CS department
ProfessorRegis University, (2009-present).
Associate Professor - Regis University, (2006-2009), CS Program Coordinator.
Assistant Professor - Regis University, (2002-2006).
Principal Software Engineer - Creekpath Systems, (2001).
     Development of a workflow infrastructure for large storage area networks.
Senior Software Engineer - Athene Software, (1999-2001).
     Development of a intelligent customer retention and workflow infrastructure.
Lecturer - University of Colorado at Boulder Continuing Education, (1989-1990).
     Responsible for teaching an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course.
Senior Software Engineer & Technical Lead - U S WEST Technologies,(1996-1999).
     Lead responsibilities for various production-level Web-based, e-commerce, and rule-based applications.
Member Technical Staff - U S WEST Advanced Technologies, (1987-1996).
     Applied research & development of AI tutoring system and agent infrastructures.
Member Technical Staff - A T & T Bell Laboratories, (1984-1987).
     Research & development of knowledge-based AI infrastructures.
Teaching Assistant - Rutgers University Computer Science Department. (1983-1984).

Senior Member, Association of Computer Machinery (ACM)

Tutorial Chair, 1988 Rocky Mountain Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
Treasurer, Rocky Mountain Society for Artificial Intelligence, 1988-1990.

University & College Level Service
Chair, [CC&IS] Faculty Council, 2017-present
[Regis] Internal Review Board, 2008-present.
[CC&IS] Undergraduate Learning Assurance, 2014-present
[Regis] Higher Learning Commission Criterion 3, 2016-present

[CC&IS] Academic Council 2014-2016
[CPS] Committee on Rank, 2014.
[CPS] Committee on Rank, 2013.
[Regis] Sponsored Projects Academic Research Council, 2006-2012.
[Regis] Sponsored Projects Academic Research Council, 2002-2005.
Member, [CPS] Faculty Development Committee, 2009.
Member, [CPS] Faculty Handbook Committee, 2008.
Member, [Regis] Higher Learning Commission Instructional Self Study, 2007.
Reviewer, Student Scholarship and Research Symposium, 2003-2012.

Blumenthal, R. L.(1998). Supporting Unstructured Activities with a Meta-Contextual Protocol in Situation-Based Workflow.
    Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Reviewed Publications
Blumenthal, R., (2014). Using design patterns to address curricular growth issues.
      Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 30(2), 85-94.

Blumenthal, R. & Blumenthal, J.E. (2010). Using dialogue contexts to support the tutoring of ethics.
      Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence and Applications AIA 2010, Innsbruck, Austria, 271-278. [ref]

Blumenthal, R. (2009). The Effect of Semistructured Design Rationale Messages on Structuring Collaborative
      Problem-Solving in an Online Forum. Journal of Information Technology Impact, 9(1), 1-24. [ref]

Blumenthal, R. & Karamouzis, S. (2008). A behavioral model for tutoring ill-defined design tasks with multiple dialogue agents.
      Proceedings of the 11th IASTED International Conference: Computers and Advanced Technology in Education, Crete, Greece, 256-261. [ref]

Sparks R., Dooley S., Meiskey L., & Blumenthal, R., (1999). The LEAP Authoring Tool: supporting complex courseware authoring through
     reuse, rapid prototyping, and interactive visualizations. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Education, 10(1), 75-97. [ref]

Blumenthal, R., & Nutt, G. (1995). Supporting unstructured workflow activities in the Bramble ICN system. In N. Comstock & C. Ellis (Eds.),
     Proceedings of conference on Organization computing systems (pp. 130-137). Milpitas, CA. [ref]

Laufmann, S., Blumenthal, R., Thompson, L., & Bowen, B. (1991). Direct end-user access to remote information,
     In F. Lochovsky (Ed.), Proceedings of the conference on Organizational computing systems (16-28). Atlanta, Georgia. [ref]

Blumenthal, R. (1990). Artificial intelligence in telecommunications. In J.J. Richardson & M.J. DeFries (Eds.), Intelligent systems in
     business: integrate the technology
(pp. 201-217). Norwood, NJ: Ablex.
Blumenthal, R., Laufmann, S., & Freeman, E., (1990). OOOFFs: A metamorphosis from objects to knowledge-based
     agents. In Proceedings of the Bellcore Object Oriented Systems and Technology (BOOST) Conference (pp. 157-166). New Brunswick, NJ. [pdf].

Joseph, R., Ensor J. R., Dickinson, A., & Blumenthal, R. (1989). Describe - An explanation facility for an object-based
     expert system. In Proceedings ? (also CMU-CS-85-182). [pdf].

Blumenthal, R. (1988). Rule inheritance in a frame-based paradigm. In M. Trivedi (Ed.), Proceedings of Applications of
     Artificial Intelligence IV
(pp. 607-613). Orlando, FL. [pdf].

Ensor, J.R., & Blumenthal, R. (1987). Custom: an expert system editor. In Proceedings of the 1987 Rocky Mountain Conference
     on Artificial Intelligence
(279-288). Boulder, CO. [pdf].

Reviewed Workshop Publications
Laufmann, S. & Blumenthal, R. (1988). GROMS: a system for modeling network structures. In Proceedings IEEE '88 Globecom
     Workshop in the Application of Network Technology

Blumenthal, R. Meiskey, L. Dooley, S., Sparks, R. (1996). Reducing development costs with intelligent tutoring shells.
     ITS '96 Workshop on Architectures and Methods for Designing Cost-Effective and reusable ITSs, Montreal, CA.

Mahling, D., Woo, C., Blumenthal, R., Schlickter, H., & Horstman, T. (1995). Workflow = OIS? A report of a workshop at
      the CSCW '94 conference, SCM SIGIOS Bulletin, 161, 59-64.
Dooley, S., Meiskey, L., Blumenthal, R., & Sparks, R. (1995). Developing reusable intelligent tutoring system shells.
     In Proceedings of the AIED-95 Workshop for Authoring Shells for Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Washington, DC.

Cox, L.A., & R. Blumenthal, (1987). "KRIMB: An intelligent knowledge acquisition and representation program for interactive
      model building. In T. Addis et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the First European Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition for
      Knowledge-Based Systems.
Reading, England.
Cox, L.A., Jr. & Blumenthal, R. (1987). Dynamic planning under uncertainty using automated model construction and risk analysis.
     In Proceedings of the 1987 Workshop on Simulation and Artificial Intelligence. Seattle, WA.

Selected Technical Reports
Ensor, J.R., Gabbe, J., & Blumenthal, R. (1984). Taxpert a framework for exploring interactions among experts.
      AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Memorandum 11354-841029-04TM. Homdel, NJ.

Blumenthal, R. & Laufmann, S. (1989). Motivation-based default reasoning. U S   West Advanced Technologies
    Technical Report KSRD-1989-1. Boulder, CO.

Online Course Development
CS361: Control Structures (CS1)
CS375: Computation Theory
CS390: Principles of Programming Languages
CS432: Modern Software Engineering (OOAD)
CS434: Java Programming
CS444: Software Engineering
CS459: Groupware and Workflow,
CS473: Artificial Intelligence
CS483: Enterprise & Web Applications: J2EE
CS493: Senior Capstone

Teaching (Regis University: classroom & online)
CS202: Computational Foundations
CS210: Control Structures (CS1)
CS310: Data Structures (CS2)
CS390: Principles of Programming Languages
CS434: Java Programming
CS444: Software Engineering
CS473: Artificial Intelligence
CS475: Computation Theory
CS483: Enterprise & Web Applications: J2EE
CS493: Senior Capstone
MSSE600: Object-Oriented Software Engineering
MS621: Artificial Intelligence

Miscellaneious Community Service
Junior High school Science Fair judge, Denver, 2017
Elementary school classroom assistant 2012-2013
Elementary school Science Fair judge, Boulder Valley, 1993-2013
Elementary school visiting scientist, Boulder Valley, 1994-2010
Youth basketball coach, 1996-1997, 2007-2009
Odyssey of the Mind coach, 1991-1998
Volunteer for: Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics.