RT 201 RU01 and RU02: Human Quest



Course Materials

bulletSyllabus, Spring 2011
bulletPsychological Modes Myers Briggs (PowerPoint)
bulletMillennial Generation (PowerPoint)
bulletMillennial Makeover: Meet the Millennials
bullet"Typrofile" Illustrations for the Sixteen Types (PDF)
bulletImages of the Universe (PowerPoint)
bulletReflections of the Silent Generation
bulletGetting Along with the Generations
bullet Personality Theory Intro
bulletBeginning to Think
bulletFormal Study
bulletWorking Definition
bulletFaith and Reason Part I
bulletFaith and Reason Part II - Plato's "Line"
bulletSupplemental Learning Activity Contract
bulletInstructions for Paper #1
bulletLakota Overview
bulletLakota Cosmos (PowerPoint)
bulletOrigins and Namings
bulletIcons of the Tao Te Ching
bulletUnity of Chinese Experience
bulletGeertz: Impact of Culture
bulletCosmos and Big Bang (PowerPoint)
bulletTai Chi Tu (PowerPoint)
bulletUpanishad: Who?
bulletMidterm Review (PowerPoint)
bulletA Cosmos Icon (PowerPoint)
bulletIndia's Sacred Cow
bulletRT 201 Review & Signup
bulletHindu Social Holy (PowerPoint)
bulletSantos (PowerPoint)

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