RT 201 RU06 and RU07: Human Quest



Course Materials

bulletSyllabus, Fall, 2010
bulletBeginning to Think
bulletFormal Study
bulletWorking Definition
bulletFaith and Reason Part I
bulletFaith and Reason Part II - Plato's "Line"
bulletKey Words (PowerPoint)
bulletIcon "Who"
bulletIcons from Tao Te Ching
bulletRT 201 Christian Baptism
bulletLakota Overview
bulletIndia's Sacred Cow
bulletOrigins and Namings
bulletEllis PowerPoint
bulletNicaea Council I
bulletRoman House Images
bulletVatican Council II
bulletJesuits and Jesuit Education
bulletUnity of Chinese (PowerPoint)
bulletThe Way of the Torah (PowerPoint)
bulletText and Translation: Manuscript and Print
bulletThe Synoptic Problem: Perspectives on New Testament Criticism
bulletChurch and Evolution
bulletGospel of Mark