Colorado Pharmacist Summit:
Strategizing Action for Integration and Leadership


Federal Health Initiatives

Affordable Care Act - Marguerite Salazar, US Dept of Health and Human Services Archive Video | PowerPoint
Collaborative Primary Care Initiative - John D'Alessandro, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Archive Video | PowerPoint
Advanced Pharmacy Practice, Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy
Services Collaborative
- CDR Christina Mead, PharmD, HRSA, DHH
Archive Video | PowerPoint

State Health Initiatives

Center for Improving Value in Health Care - Edie Sonn Archive Video | PowerPoint
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care - Deanna Curry Archive Video | PowerPoint
Colorado Health Department - Tara Trujillo Archive Video | PowerPoint
Q & A Session with the presenters Archive Video
Large Group Disscussion
Facilitators: Val Kalnins, Colorado Pharmacists Society & CDR Christina Mead, HRSA, DHHS
Archive Video
Presentation: Terry McInnis MD, MPH, FACOEM Archive from CU-Denver