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Faculty Web Space Support Policy


Faculty, associate faculty and adjunct faculty can have web space on Faculty web space directory size is limited at the discretion of the University. Faculty web spaces are removed when the owner is no longer actively associated as an instructor at Regis.

To apply, the faculty member of instructor should send an email to the ITS Help Center requesting a faculty web space on the Academic web server. The instructor must have a RegisNET username and must use their RegisNET email account for all communications regarding the site.

Faculty/Instructors are responsible for their own creation and maintenance of content on their academic sites.

Important support information:

Academic support technicians are available on a scheduled basis to assist any faculty who desire help in the Center for Academic Technology. However, the scope of support offered is limited. You can expect the following types of help with your academic site when contacting the Center for Academic Technology: assistance obtaining the web space, coordination of installation of FrontPage software on your system, and the scheduling of some one-on-one time. These occasional "help sessions" average 30-45 minutes and are intended to provide individual instructors with assistance when a specific issue arises after their web site is up, such as getting a certain document uploaded or managing file space. Academic support technicians have expertise in proper web space management alongside knowledge of best practice, and each of these individuals will be happy to collaborate with you on such topics. You will, however, be expected to build and maintain your own site.

Academic support does not provide formal training classes in FrontPage and will assume a basic knowledge of the software and web practices when help is requested. Academic sites are entirely under the auspices of their owner.


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