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Dr. Thomas Leininger

Spring 2011 Courses

RT 201C: Religion and the Human Quest

RC 401/CAS 460M/RCC 400D: Interfaith Dialogue

Past Courses

RCC 430M: Magis and the Search for Meaning

RCC 430H: Honors Seminar: Magis and the Search for Meaning

RS 200: Introduction to Religious Studies

RS 301L/CAS 300L: Foundations of Catholic Tradition

RS 301N/CAS 460E: Catholic Social Thought

RS 320G/CAS 410J: Catholic Imagination and Film

RS 360/CAS 440K: Christian Ethics

RS 361E/CAS 420I: Christianity, Politics, and Public Policy

RS 400/CAS 460E: Catholic Social Teaching and Movements

RS 414H/CAS 440Q: Catholic Health Care Ethics

RS 495F: Seminar: Christian Moral Life

RT 304: Catholic Moral Tradition

CCS 400: Junior Seminar: Christian Character and Global Citizenship

CCS 450: Senior Seminar: Magis and the Search for Meaning

EN 210: Freshman Literature: Catholic Literature

EN 341/CAS 410H: Catholic Literature


B.A.: University of Notre Dame (Program of Liberal Studies)
M.A.: Duke University, (Philosophy)
J.D.: Duke University School of Law
Ph.D.: Graduate Theological Union, (Christian Ethics)


Lowell Campus, Rm 32, Loyola Hall

E-Mail: Dr. Thomas Leininger