CCS 400 Junior Seminar:

    Christian Character & Global Citizenship

    Course Materials

  1. Syllabus spring, 2006
  2. Writing Guidelines: Dr. Leininger
  3. Paper One
  4. Paper Two
  5. Final Presentation
  6. Final Paper
  7. Resources for Final Presentation, Paper, and Community Learning
  8. Merchants of Cool: Viewing Questions
  9. Merchants of Cool: Website
  10. Merchants of Cool: Media Giants
  11. Consuming Faith: Reading Questions
  12. 5th Grade Consumer Images of God
  13. No Logo: Viewing Questions
  14. No Logo: Website
  15. Global Village or Global Pillage? Viewing Questions
  16. Global Sweatshop Resources Website (provides links to organizations fighting sweatshops)
  17. The Essentials of Casuistry
  18. Medical Ethics Methodology
  19. Sample Case: Huntington's Chorea and Suicide
  20. Please Let Me Die: Dax's Case
  21. Summary of Video: Dax's Case

Sample Student Work:

  • The Struggle for "Wholeiness"
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