Course Materials

  1. Syllabus: Spring, 2007
  2. Writing Guidelines: Dr. Leininger
  3. CK Introduction: the Phenomenological Method (Introduction)
  4. CK 1: Defining Religion
  5. CK 2: the Nature of the Sacred
  6. CK 3: the Appearance of the Sacred
  7. CK 4: the Language(s) of the Sacred
  8. CK 5: Ritual
  9. CK 6: Sacred Communities
  10. CK 7: the Problem of Evil
  11. CK 8 & Leininger: Religion and Morality
  12. CK 9: the Quest for Salvation
  13. Alston on the Concept of Religion
  14. Buddhism: Story of Buddha, 4 Noble Truths, and Terms
  15. Exam 1 Review: CK 2-4, Buddhism, and Siddhartha
  16. From Jesus to Christ Viewing Questions
  17. Jesus Before Christianity Reading Questions
  18. Exam Topics for Nolan
  19. Nolan: Religious-Political Options at the Time of Jesus
  20. Nolan: Reign of God vs. Anti-Reign
  21. Sample Paper Approach

Readings on Electronic Reserve

  1. Files can be downloaded from the library's web site; must use the course password [rs200] for access. Search for RS 200 or by instructor name


  1. Alston, William P., "Religion." In Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ed. Paul Edwards, Vol. 7, 140-145. New York: MacMillan Pub. Co., 1972. LINK TO E-Reserve at DML for RS 200 Leininger
  2. The Life of Gotama Buddha from The Acts of the Buddha, by Ashvaghosha. LINK to E-Reserve at DML for RS 200 Leininger
  3. Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, S.J.: 1-25-08 Reflections on Experiences in Japan
  4. Thich Nhat Hanh, "What I would say to Osama bin Laden"
  5. Malcolm X, "Letter from Mecca," April, 1964
  6. Malcolm X, December, 1964 Speech to Peace Corps
  7. Text from Burning Monk -- The Self-Immolation
  8. Islam: Opposing viewpoints
  9. Robert A. Krieg, "Who Do You Say I Am?"
  10. Terrence Tilley, "Why We Need Both Stories."
  11. Sarah Coakley, "Easier Said Than Defined."
  12. John Callahan, "Jesuits and Jesuit Education"


  1. Encyclopedia of Religion
  2. Dr. Hamdy's list of resources on Islam
  3. Oremus Bible Browser (New Revised Standard Version
  4. Meanings of "Om"
  5. Regis College Writing Center
  6. For more detail on citation styles, see the Writer's Handbook of the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


  1. Jewish Texts
  2. Dr. Kloos' Powerpoint on SQ3: The Appearance of the Sacred


  1. Essay 1: The Sacred in Dubus or Reilly
  2. Essay 2: Islam and Violence or Islam and Women

Sample Student Work

  1. Essay to Replace a Quiz: Mystical Experience through Prayer and Suffering


  1. Directions to Buddhist Temple
  2. World Wide Religious News(lists world wide religion news by continent)
  3. PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
  4. NPR.org: Experiencing Other Faiths to Find One's Own"
  5. NPR.org: "Teens and Religion" Talk of the Nation
  6. This American Life (Chicago Public Radio): "Shouting Across the Divide
  7. NPR.org: Interview with Reza Aslan author of No God but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam

Speaker Series

  1. Catholicism and the Modern World Lecture Information

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