BA 420 Marketing


Course Syllabus

Regis University

BA420 Marketing

Course Description

Examine the social and economic implications of marketing. Analyze the impact of cultural, legal and other factors that affect the design and implementation of strategic marketing plans. Examine the relationship of marketing research on plans. Define the interdependence of marketing with other functions in an organization. Understand ethical marketing behavior.

Required Text

McCarthy, J. & Perreault, J. (1999) Basic Marketing: A Global Managerial Approach (13ed)


Thomas J. Yagos

Home Address: 6958 Torrey Street

Arvada, CO 80007

Home Phone: 303-432-1621

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Tom Yagos has over 26 years of experience in sales, marketing, finance and operational management functions. He has worked with new businesses to the Fortune 500 companies and received an MBA from Regis University. Tom has been teaching since 1969 in various capacities and since 1997 at Regis University. Tom currently works for Interactive Resource Group which designs and facilitates customized sales training solutions.


I will be available during business hours between 8:30AM and 5PM. I can also be reached in the evenings between 6:30PM until 8PM and on the weekends between 9AM and 4PM.






                                            Point Value for Assignments                       

Assignment                                                                   Workshop                  Points


First Night’s Assignment                                                       1                      5

Second Night’s Assignment                                                   2                      15  

Third Night’s Assignment                                                     3                      15  

Fourth Night’s Assignment                                                    4                      15

Fifth Night’s Assignment                                                      5                      30

Attendance                                                                         All                    10  

Participation                                                                      All                    10                      


Overall Point Value for Course Grade

            93-100 = A                                                      73-76  = C

  90-92   = A-                                                     70-72  = C-

  87-89   = B+                                                    67-69  = D+

  83-86   = B                                                      63-66  = D

  80-82   = B-                                                     60-62  = D-   

  77-79   = C+                                                    59      = F

Course Standards

The university trusts each student to maintain high standards of honesty and ethical behavior. All assignments submitted in fulfillment of course requirements must be the student’s own work. All assignments except those designed as “group” are meant to be individual efforts. Group efforts are meant to be equal efforts of all group members.

It is assumed that students will perform professionally in preparing work required for this class. All papers must be submitted on their due date. All documents are to be typed, spell-checked and grammar-checked, submitted double-spaced maximum 12pt font and prepared in the proper format required for the program. Students are welcome to use any software program to prepare assignments.

Writing Standards

Assignments will be graded on content and clarity of communication and conciseness. Questions should be well thought out and demonstrate a clear understanding and integration of the material and should exhibit solid critical analysis and application of the concepts. Grammar, sentence and paragraph structure contributes to an organized paper.

Makeup Assignments

                        Assignments turned in late will require additional course work.

It is your responsibility to make arrangements with me for any late assignment and additional course work for a class you miss.

Learning Environment

The environment will be based on mutual trust, respect and consideration for everyone’s values, opinions and differences. I invite everyone to share experiences to make the classroom experience rewarding and enjoyable for everyone.

Cell Phones & Pagers

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers prior to entering the classroom. If you have an emergency sit by the door and answer your call outside of the room.

Coming to Class on Time

Class will start promptly at 6PM. Your participation is required in the classroom so please be punctual for the classes. It demonstrates consideration for fellow students

Group Projects

If you require Audio Visual equipment, please plan ahead.  It is your responsibility to make arrangements for the equipment


The university courses emphasize group interaction in the classroom. The contributions you make should be related to the course content and meaningful to the class discussion. If you are absent, benefits received through class involvement are lost as well as contributions to the learning of fellow students. Attendance at class is required. Positive participation is showing an interest in class discussions, asking pertinent questions, sharing of workplace experiences relevant to the course and bringing in articles pertinent to the class.  

More than one absence requires you to withdraw from the course. If you miss a class you are required to demonstrate your understanding of the material covered in that class. If you will be absent due to work schedules you can receive credit for the class by doing extra course work for that night.

Workshop 1          Read Chapters 1,2,3,4,5   Assignment -Essay on Car Purchase

Workshop 2          Read Chapters 6,7,8,9,10 & 21 Assignment Due Case 6 "Three Rivers Steel",  Case 8 "Sophia's Restaurant "Cases start on page 698 in the text.

Workshop 3          Read Chapters  11,12 13, 14,15,16 Assignment Due  Prepare 3-4 page paper on Promotional efforts of a product or service. Label each type of promotion.  Be sure to discuss target market and all strategies. If the company does not use all four types of promotion explain if they should or not and why.

Workshop 4          Read Chapters 17,18,19,20 Assignments Due Case 11 "Runners World "and Case 19 ""

Workshop 5          Read Chapter 22 Group Presentation Marketing Plan