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Section XIV

Staff/Volunteer Relations

June 1999

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Introductory Notes
"Building Staff/Volunteer Relations" 1
"The Things Volunteers Do! 3-13

A Thousand Names of Caring"  @

"Fairy Tales as Factors in Volunteer Program Failure" @ 14
"Volunteer Program Goal Clarification Process" @ 15
."Suggested Components In A Volunteer Program Policy" @ 16

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 Introductory Notes on Staff/Volunteer Relations
Ivan Scheier
June 1999

In this and one or two other subject areas, a recent publication says virtually everything I would want to say. The publication here is "Building/Staff Volunteer Relations" 3 pages, 1993, published and copyrighted by Energize, Inc. of Philadelphia, PA.

Only two minor matters need noting. First, I have added to the packet some handouts and a limited circulation publication which amplifies Appendix B of the book "Title of Caring." @

Secondly, the ‘Job Factor Process’ (chapter 3) and ‘The Window of Work Process’ (chapter 4) will also appear in the section on Work Enrichment. That section will probably – I’m not sure at this point – describe some relatively minor recent changes in these two methods.

Otherwise, just to say my later-career movement towards forms of community participation in which volunteers do no work primarily with paid staff, was in large measure another "solution" to the staff/volunteer problem: a kind of outflanking attempt. In the present collection, that attempt is best expressed in Sections VII through X, re an expanding universe of people who can help, e.g. in non-staffed volunteer groups, in networks and neighborhoods, etc.

The present section is also related to Section XII on "Empowerment of the Professional," for nothing dis-empowers the professional so much as non-support or actual resistance by staff at all levels.


Building Staff/Volunteer Relations

(Revised Edition of the Staff/Volunteer Relations Collection)

Series Editor: Susan J. Ellis
Copyright 1993 by ENERGIZE, Inc.
ISBN 0-940-576-14-7
Available for purchase at ENERGIZE, Inc.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Setting the Stage
Organizational Receptivity to Volunteers:
History, Myth, and Diagnosis of Favoring Factors

Chapter 2: Respecting Staff Concerns
Legitimate and Mythical Staff Fears about Volunteers

Chapter 3: Satisfy Staff First
The Job Factor Process

Chapter 4: Satisfying Work for Volunteers
The Window of Work Process

Chapter 5: Building the Team
Techniques for Supporting Volunteers and Staff Together

"Til We Meet Again/Now That We’ve Met Again

Appendix A:   Starting Point for Policy Formation about Volunteers

Appendix B: "Titles of Caring"
An Exercise to Expand the Concept of Volunteer Involvement

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