The New Volunteerism Project

The Archival Collection of
Ivan Henry Scheier

Section XVII

Career Publications of

Ivan Henry Scheier

June 1999

Table of Contents 

Introductory Notes 
Volume I: Methodology and Personality
Volume II: Structure and Measurement of Personality
Beyond Bound Items
Philosophy and Ethics
Problem-Solving and Future-Looking
Dreams (As Creative Goals and Visions)
Training and Education
Volunteer Groups
Expanding Concepts of Volunteerism and Volunteer Administration
Professional Development in Volunteer Leadership
Staff/Volunteer Relations
Checklists... Evaluation
Motivation, People Approach
Poetry and Aphorisms 
Articles and Publications added after 2000

Introductory Notes for Career Publications of Ivan Scheier
Ivan Scheier
November 1999

The bibliography of my published work is prepared primarily for the two holders of my archives: Regis University/DOVIA in Denver, Colorado and ENERGIZE Inc., in Philadelphia, PA. I believe this reference list belongs with my archives either as a separate section following the other seventeen in the Table of Contents, or else as an addendum to Section O, "Background and Introduction to the Archives."

However, this bibliography does not fit perfectly with the theme of the Archives. Among other things, almost half of the references are from "other careers" of mine; for example, as a research in psychology and a sometime poet.* Even publications generally on volunteerism are not always relevant to the archives’ methodological/ philosophical emphasis. Finally, some of the most important material in the Archives is unpublished. Thus, the most complete description of my career writing, both published and unpublished, would include this bibliography plus the archives. A third major "piece" in my career, The VOLUNTAS Time Capsule on Volunteering," will, I hope, be gathered with the other two pieces, sometime in the next year or two.

There are 130 entries in this bibliography: articles, published reports, books and booklets. The number is enlarged somewhat by my habit of refining, updating, and rewriting works to make a number of publications over time in essentially the same subject area. My 1993 book on Staff/Volunteer relations had no less than four predecessors of this type, extending all the way back to 1978! Moreover, some of the items included in the bibliography were of quite limited circulation and some authors might have considered them not really published. I also included works on which I was primarily editor and/or assembler – this being clearly marked in such cases. I did not include, except in one case, items planned for future publication, e.g. "In press". How much "self-published" material is in the list, depends on how you define "self-published." In some cases, my writings were published by an organization of which I was the director, but in my view, at least, that is not quite self-published. Others may differ on that, of course.

There is also a sense in which the number 130 might be considered an underestimate of my total work. That’s because quite a lot of my writing was never published, though significantly circulated, e.g. to scores of think tank participants, and, in my opinion, also significant in content.


* Indeed, in nearly fifty years of publishing, about the only invariable consistency in my work is having each titled followed by a colon and a subtitle!!

It is also possible a few more of my publications will be unearthed, especially with the continuing discoveries of skillful and devoted searchers such as Mary Lou McNatt of Regis University/Denver DOVIA. Her work is cut out for her on that. Among other things, significantly more than half of the publications are now generally out of print.

Through about 1970, my publications are neatly numbered (1-54) and just as neatly bound. After that, attention to preservation and organization declines rapidly, worsened by two occasions of premature retirement in which my library was donated to other resource organizations. As a result, about 15-20% of the listed publications are not currently in my possession. The citations therefore had to be from other bibliographies, where possible cross-checked between two or more of these.

After the first 54 bound publications, I grouped the works in rough categories which, again roughly, tend to correspond to categories in the archives. I hope this is helpful but caution that these categories not be relied upon as overly precise or mutually exclusive.

Publications considered to be books are indicated as such by having their titles in block capitals. The listing contains fifteen of these currently published, with one other in press. I could write a book about the definition of "book." I’m only sure it is a distinctly subjective matter. For me, a book can be soft - as well as hardcover, self-published or other-published, and is usually at least 75-100 pages. Don’t ask me where I got that number – there are several items over 100 pages in the bibliography not classified as books. Moreover, several items called "books" here have far fewer pages. I’m sure vanity played a role in my count. Thus, my three really slim volumes of poetry are included in the book count – feel free to take them out – because I am mysteriously proud of having published some poetry. Finally, what I have called "books" seem to me to have a special self-contained completeness in their coverage of a subject. Besides, they somehow look like books to me. (How’s that for objectivity?)


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Volume I: Methodology and Personality 1952 - 1960

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Volume II: Structure and Measurement of Personality 1960 - 1969

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IPAT INFORMATION BULLETIN SERIES. (Specimen and partial list of a series extending from #1 (1958) through #15 (1969) in which Ivan Scheier, participated as collator and principal editor.

IPAT INFORMATION BULLETIN SERIES. (Specimens of a series extending from #1 (196458) through #8 (1968) in which Ivan Scheier, participated as collator and principal editor.

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Beyond Bound Items

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Philosophy and Ethics

Scheier, I. H. (Ed. and Contributor of some articles) "Religion and Volunteering: A First Portfolio." (Boulder, CO: The National Information Center on Volunteering. 1978. 106 pages plus attachments.

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Scheier, I. H. "On A Personal Note: Professional, Too." Grapevine V/M Systems. 1997. 2 pp.

Please note: Many others of my publications have important philosophical content even though largely addressed to other subject areas. This is true, for example, of the publications listed here in the sections on an expanding vision of volunteerism, on motivation (People Approach), and on professional development. Also, quite a few of my works on philosophy are unpublished and, indeed, in my op9inion the very best and most complete statement of my philosophy is unpublished as the introduction to the section on Philosophy in my archives.

Problem-Solving and Future-Looking 1981-1995

Jorgensen, J. D., Scheier, I. H., and Fautsko, T. F. "Solving Problems in Meetings." Nelson-Hall, Chicago. 1981. 385 pp. ISBN 0-88229-521-7. Lib Congress Card No 79-21782.

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Scheier, I. H. "Images of the Future – Sequence II." Journal of Volunteer Administration. Fall 1995. Pages 3-21.

Dreams (As Creative Goals and Visions) 199?? - 2000

Guerrilla Goodness: Making Dreams a Reality, Through Volunteering." Interview of Ivan Scheier by Ed and Gay Wynn. In Context, #37. Pages 27-29.

Scheier, I. H. "Rules for Dreamers." Since first written in 1992, this essay has been published in several places, including Journal of Volunteer Administration. 1992. Grapevine, and the newsletter of The International Association of Justice Volunteers.

Scheier, I. H., and David, Nancy. (Mainly as Assemblers and Editors but also some authorship. "Once Volunteering Was For Dreamers: Poetry and Quotations in Celebration of Volunteering." (Madrid, NM: Center for Creative Community)1994. Limited editions. Approx. 30 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "On Becoming A Dreamcatcher." Grapevine, V/M Systems. Downers Grove, IL..1996. 2 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Making Dreams Come True Without Much Money: The Midwifery of Dreams." Provisional title but likely to be close to final, of book in press with (Philadelphia: Energize, Inc.) (Expected to be published early in the next millennium at bout 100-125 pages)

Training and Education 1973 - 1986

Jorgensen, James d., and Scheier, I. H. "Volunteer Training For Courts and Corrections." The Scarecrow Press, Metuchen, NJ. 1973. 385 pages. ISBN 0-8108-0570-7

Scheier, I. H., "Community Leadership and Participation Through the Education System." (A curriculum to inform and encourage volunteering by High School Students) The National Information Center on Volunteerism. Boulder, CO. 1978. Under the sponsorship of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Approx. 300 pages. (overall editor and contributor of articles in several sections)

Scheier, I. H. "Stop Wasting Training Time. Try the Stretched Workshop." Journal of Volunteer Administration. 1986. Pp 11-13.

Networking 1983 - 1989

Scheier, I. H., and Dryovage, Susan. "The Bridge: A Guide For Networkers." (Boulder, CO: Yellowfire Press)1981. 42pp.

Scheier, I. H. "How Business Can Make Money Off Non-PROFITS Vice Versa." (Boulder, CO: Yellowfire Press)1983. About 10 pages.

Scheier, I. H. "Getting the Best From Your Group: The Central Network Pool." (Boulder, CO: Yellowfire Press) 1985. 7 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Getting It Together: Three New Network Exercises." (MixN Match, Guess Who and The Circle). 1989. (Santa Fe, NM: Yellowfire Press) 6 pp.

To my fully appropriate embarrassment, I cannot remember for sure whether or not I have a hand in the following two publications offered by Yellowfire Press at about the same time, in the same series.

"Coordinating Voluntary Action in a Rural; Community: The Story of Voice"

"Building the Collaborative Community: Mobilizing Citizens for Action"

Volunteer Groups 1984 - 1996

Scheier, I. H. "Meanwhile, Back At The Neighborhood."(Boulder, CO: Yellowfire Press) 1984. 62 pp.

Scheier, I.H. " Career in Leadership of Volunteers (Civil) Services,  pamphlet

Scheier, I. H. "Setting Achievable Goals in All-Volunteer Groups." (Santa Fe, NM: Yellowfire Press) 1989. 5 pp.

1989 ca
Scheier, I. H."Shelleyville - Proposal For A Correctional Volunteer Community." Journal of International Association for Justice Volunteerism. 1989. About 4 pages.

Scheier, I. H. "Working With Grassroots Groups." "Managing Volunteer Diversity." Sue Vineyard and Steve McCurley, eds. (Downers Grove: Heritage Arts) 1989.

(Essentially the same article also appeared, with permission in "Girls Can" a community coalition resource manual published by the American Association of University Women Foundation, Washington, D. C. 167 pp.)

Scheier, I. H. "When Everyone’s A Volunteer: The effective Functioning of All-Volunteer Groups." (Philadelphia: Energize, Inc.) 1992. 63 pp. ISBN 0-940576-12-0. Library Congress Card No. 92-82929.

Scheier, I. H. "Many-To-One: The Surround Strategy, Part I." VIP Examiner. Spring, 1996. Pages 12-14.

Scheier, I. H. "Many-To-One: The Surround Strategy, Part II." VIP Examiner. Fall, 1996. 6 pp.

Expanding Concepts of Volunteerism and Volunteer Administration  1980 - 1997

Co-authored a publication with Bud Wolf on Volunteerism and Rural America

Scheier, I. H. "Exploring Volunteer Space: The Recruiting of a Nation." (Washington, D C: The National Center for Citizen Involvement) 1980. 200 pp. ISBN 0-934428-01-9 and Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 79-90051.

(About five years ago I gave permission for a Japanese translation of this book, but would probably not recognize it if I saw it.)

Scheier, I. H. "Volunteer Administration: An Emerging Misnomer." Grapevine. Nov/Dec 1996. Page 11.

Scheier, I. H. "Volunteer Administration: Meadows Beyond The Garden." Grapevine. May/June1996. Page 9-10.

Scheier, I. H. "Volunteerism: Is there Life After Agencies?" Grapevine. 1997. 1 pp.

(The expansion checklist cited in the section on checklists, clearly belongs in this section as well, as to some of the references in the section on volunteer groups)

Professional Development in Volunteer Leadership 1980 - 1997

Scheier, I. H. "Going Up? A Look At Your Upward Mobility Potential. Volunteer Administration. Spring 1980.

Scheier, I. H. "Moving Along: Case Studies of Career Paths for Volunteer Coordinators."Journal of Volunteer Administration. Winter, 1985-86.

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Scheier, I. H. "Empowering a Profession, II: Seeing Ourselves As More Than Subsidiary." Journal of Volunteer Administration. Fall, 1988.

Scheier, I. H. "Activating Your Local Association of Volunteer Coordinators." (Boulder, CO: Yellowfire Press) 1985. About 55-60 pages.

(This limited-circulation Handbook on how to start and grow a DOVIA was given to AVA with most of my other DOVIA materials, during a time when I hoped they would take on an active coordinating and autonomy-respecting role vis-a-vis local professional associations. I’ve inquired but have been unable to find out what has happened to this Manual.)

Scheier, I. H. "Creating Careers for Volunteer Coordinators." The Journal of Volunteer Administration. Winter, 1992-93. 6 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "X-Rated Organizations, Expendable Professionals, and a Modest Proposal." Grapevine, V/M Systems. July-Aug, 1997. 1pp.

Please note:

The references prior to the above were oriented ultimately (but not entirely) to professional development for individuals in volunteer administration. The above and other publications, such as the DOVIA EXCHANGE Newsletter, and the "Doing DOVIA Right" checklist, were more oriented to the creation and well being of professional organizations.

Staff/Volunteer Relations 1970 - 1993

Scheier, I. H.

The Professional and the Volunteers in Probation: An Emerging Relationship." Federal Probation. 1970. Pages 12-18

Scheier, I. H. "Orienting Staff to Volunteers." National Information Center on Volunteerism. Boulder, CO. 1972. Limited circulation.

Scheier, I. H. " A New Look at an Old Failure." Voluntary Action Leadership. Fall, 1977. Pages 32-36

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Scheier. I. H. "So You Still Want To win With Staff: Here’s How To Get Solid Staff Support For Your Volunteer Program."(Santa Fe, NM: Center for Creative Community) 1987-88. 52 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Staff/Volunteer Relations Collection."(Santa Fe, NM: Center for Creative Community) 1988. 76 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Building Staff/Volunteer Relations." (Philadelphia: Energize, Inc.) 1993. 70 pages. ISBN 0-940576-14-7. Library Congress Catalog Card No. 93-73624. (There were several earlier-published versions of this book with different titles, including three of the four previously cited publications in this listing.)

Checklists... Evaluation 1975 - 1996

Scheier, I.H., and Cooper, R. M. "Basic Feedback Systems For Volunteer Programs." The National Information System on Volunteerism. Boulder, CO Frontier 7. 1975. 27 pp. (A somewhat more complete version was published two years later under the authorship of Bobette Reigel, and that is the document in the Scheier Archives)

Motivation, People Approach 1977 - 1988

Scheier, I. H. "People Approach: Nine New Strategies." The National Information Center on Volunteerism. Boulder, CO. 1977. About 30 pages.

(Also about this time, probably as a separate booklet, "Need Overlap Analysis in the Helping Process (NOAH)")

Scheier, I. H. "The New People Approach Handbook." (Boulder, CO: Yellowfire Press) 1981. 82 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Exploding the Big Banquet Theory of Volunteer Recognition: An Incendiary Analysis."(Santa Fe, NM: Yellowfire Press) 1987. 14 pages

Scheier, I. H. "Divide the Job, Delegate the Work. Here’s How." (Santa Fe, NM: Yellowfire Press) 1988, 3 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Building Work That Satisfies, I: Volunteers and The Window of Work." (Santa Fe, NM: Yellowfire Press) 1988. 13 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Building Work That Satisfies, II. Staff as Well as Volunteers."(Santa Fe, NM: Yellowfire Press) 1988. 14 pp.

Newsletter 1967 - 1996

National and International in Distribution

The Volunteer Courts Newsletter published first by Boulder (CO) County Juvenile Court and Later by The National Information Center on Volunteers in Courts, from about 1967 to 1975. Purpose was exchange of information and ideas among courts and other criminal justice organizations involving community volunteers. I was Editor and principal writer for this newsletter, which was originally monthly and later quarterly.

The DOVIA EXCHANGE for exchange of information, ideas, and encouragement among local professional association of people leading volunteer programs in a range of service areas. I was editor and principal writer for this quarterly journal during the time of its existence spanning the years 1980 (approx.) To 1997. Publishers included the National Information Center on Volunteerism, the Center for Creative Community V/M Systems of Downers Grove, Il, and CAHHS of Sacramento, CA.

On Background. A limited circulation newsletter published by Yellowfire Press, Boulder, CO about 1980-83. Quarterly.

Ex Libris published about 1988-92 by The Center for Creative Community, Sante Fe, NM. Intended readership was staff and volunteers for libraries on volunteerism. Quarterly


The above were all nationally and internationally distributed. I also published, edited and was principal writer for the town newsletter in Madrid, NM, called "The Madrid Muse," from 1991-96. Monthly.


-- cited with name misspelled, on page 49 of Time Magazine, Vol LXXVII, No. 4, March 1961 on page 49, for some of my work in psychology.

-- in the early 1970's, I was the producer of an instructional film entitled "A Second Change" though, much as I hinted, they didn’t let me act in ti. The film was about an adult volunteer working on-to-one with a juvenile offender – and I think it was quit4e well done.

Poetry and Aphorisms 1964 - 2000

Scheier, I. H. "Not Without Love: Some Scrap Paper Poems." Self-published. 1964. 20 pages.

Scheier, I. H. "A Normal Day In Space." (Boulder, CO: The Eclectic Press) 1966. 32 pp. I was both publisher and one of the contributing poets in this collection.

Scheier, I. H., "In The South-west Soul." (Denver, CO: Ryan Printing House) 1968. Poetry. 20 pp.

Scheier, I. H. "Once Volunteering Was For Dreamers." Unpublished. 1992.

(Included in the section on Dreams (X))

Scheier, I. H. "74 and Tired: Messages From a Misfit Senior." Provisions title of a book in preparation, approximately six months away from completion. Likely to be 100-125 pages.

Articles and Publications added after 2000

Most of Ivan's most recent articles and publications can be found in Section 22.

Scheier, I.H. Collection of Poetry for over the past 40 years.

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