The New Volunteerism Project

The Archival Collection of
Ivan Henry Scheier

Section XIX

Community Leadership and Participation
Through the Education System

May 2000

The page #'s refer to the pages of the "New Volunteerism  Project: The Ivan Scheier Archival Collection."
Five bound volumes placed in the Reference collection of the
Dayton Memorial Library at Regis University
Table of Contents Page #
Introductory Notes
Who Is A Volunteer? @ Jun 1978 79 pages
Getting Involved @ Jun 1978 40 pages
Group Reflection: Understanding the Volunteer Experience  @ Jun 1978 45 pages
A Map of Volunteer Country @ Aug 1978 62 pages
Economics and Volunteering  @ Aug 1978 61 pages
A Tradition of Caring and Sharing @ Nov 1978 89 pages
Volunteering Around the World @ Jul 1979 129 pages
Volunteering and Career Preparation @ Jun 1978 31 pages
Working for What You Believe In: The Advocacy Volunteer @ Apr 1979 72 pages

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Introductory Notes –
Ivan Scheier
May 2000

A Project Sponsored by
of Battle Creek, Michigan

A project sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan and conducted by the National Information Center on Volunteerism (NIVOC) in 1978-1979. I believe these belong in my archives because I was project director for this fairly large project, authored much of the material and edited most of the rest.

The project was designed to support high school students in their community volunteering, primarily by enabling then to understand better, the background and meaning of what they were doing, as part of their classwork under the guidance and facilitation of a Teacher. In all, about fifty high schools around the country participated in the project for a year or two. Disappointingly, when the grant support money ran out, almost all the high schools phased out of the project.

The documents here entered into the achieves are curriculum materials for the use of the Teachers, including suggested materials they can share with the students. Almost all the materials are still intact, though there are a few relatively minor gaps.

Obviously, there are dated parts of these materials, but I still believe the principles and basic concepts are as relevant today as they were in 1978.

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