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Section XX

The DOVIA Exchange

June 1999

The "New Volunteerism  Project: The Ivan Scheier Archival Collection."
Five bound volumes placed in the Reference collection of the
Dayton Memorial Library at Regis University
Table of Contents
Introductory Notes
Section A: Fact Sheet
Section B: Activating Your Local DOVIA
Section C: Handbook on How to Start or Strengthen a DOVIA
Section D: The DOVIA Exchange
Section: E: Doing DOVIA Right - A Success Practice Checklist

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Local Professional Associations (DOVIAs)
Prepared by Ivan Scheier
August 2000

There are approximately 75 pages in this packet, largely through the courtesy of Katie Noyes Campbell, Executive Director of AVA, who identified, copied and returned to me, requested sections of an entire shelf of material in this area, which I donated to AVA in 1995 or 96.  My guess is this packet is about 10% of the total materiel in this area, authored by me, 1984-96.

Section A
Fact Sheet
I trust this "Fact Sheet" is self-explanatory and hope there is more recent information of this type - or that is can be developed.

Section B
Activating Your Local DOVIA
5 pages, 1984
An early how-to-do-it concentrating on membership incentives.

Section C
How to Start or Strengthen

Handbook on How to Start of Strengthen a DOVIA, DOVS, LOVE, or Association by any of a hundred other names.  About 60 pages, 1987, pretty rough and ready, for limited circulation, but many of the principles will still apply.

Section D
The DOVIA Exhange

A small sample of the approximately 50 "DOVIA Exchange" newsletters published four or six time yearly over the years 1984-95.  Target audience was leadership and membership of local professional associations.  The later editions done were part of the Grapevine newsletter, and have been included below.

1993 May/Jun Doing DOVIA Right - A Success Practice Checklist
1993 Jul/Aug How to Ruin DOVIA (In Ten Easy Steps)
1993 Sep/Oct Competing When We Should Cooperate
1993 Nov/Dec Checklist Chuckles
1994 Jan/Feb Diversity - Networking - Organizing a DOVIA
1994 Mar/Apr MAVD - NOVA - Networking with Your Neighbors
1994 May/Jun Five Steps to Vision
1994 Jul/Aug Creative Concepts for DOVIA: A Free Association
1994 Sep/Oct DOVIA Day Committee, ICVA
1994 Nov/Dec Time Was and Time Will Be... And Where We've Been
1995 Jan/Feb DOVIA Day In LA - An Historic First
1995 Mar/Apr Building the Partnership
1995 May/Jun Making Membership Meaningful
1995 Jul/Aug A Productive Partnership
1995 Sep/Oct Where Are The Associations
1995 Nov/Dec Reaching Out - Simplicity and Sophistication - Farewell

Section E
Doing DOVIA Right

Doing DOVIA Right - A Success Practice Checklist"
One page, 1993.  I deeply regret no long having statistics we gathered on frequency of usage and "norms" for this checklist. 

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