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Section XXII

These are the Collections of
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Beyond 1999
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Introductory Notes:

1999 Draft,
January 2001,
by Ivan Scheier

Section XXII is necessary because life is not tidy. If life were tidy, there would be nothing more to do once your archives were neatly gathered and catalogued, and the website representing them posted. Not so. It turns out there's no such thing as a neat wrap-up even with wonderful help on the project-early on from Karen Heller Key, Billie Ann Meyers, Maureeen Watkins and Nancy Hughes, - most recently from Denver DOVIA, the Regis University Library System, and Mary Lou McNatt. In any case, maybe it's okay that the project refuses to be completely completed.

The ‘un-wrap" is herewith divided in three parts:

A.  Ivan Scheier-authored materials published since 1999
B.  Ivan Scheier-authored materials in process and likely to be out in the relatively near future (no more than two or three years).
C.  "Lost and Found" Scheier-authored publications not yet located. (will, of course, be added to archives, once found)

A.  Ivan Scheier-authored materials published since 1999


(Excerpts of early versions of this book are already in
Section V of the archives.)

Susan Ellis' December 2000 Hot Topic for an
exploration of this issue.

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Making Dreams Come True got a review by the Midwest Book Review and a 5-Star rating on

Published by:
ENERGIZE Inc. 2000,
Philadelphia, 132 pages.
ISBN 0-940576-23-6.

2.  Finding Our Profession. Article in October 2000 in the first issue of "e- Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteerism Community" .

3. Relapse Into Volunteerism: An Unsuccessful Attempt to Resign From the Field. In second issue of The Electronic Journal of the Volunteerism Community", January, 2001.

4. The Self-Employeed Volunteer in an issue of The Electronic Journal of the Volunteerism Community", Volumn II, Issue I Oct-Dec 2001.

5.  They Hardly Ever Do the Hula in El Paso: Some Reflections on True Goal Retrieval in an issue of The Electronic Journal of the Volunteerism Community", Volumn II, Issue 3, Apr - Jun 2002.   .

6. In Loving Memory and with Some Anticipation a article completed for an anthology, Rants and Raves What's on the Mind of Leading Author's in the Volunteer World   by Energize, Inc. Copyright 2003 by Energize, Inc. (ISBN 0-940576-38-4) - Ivan H. Scheier, Dream-Catcher


B. Scheier-Authored Materials in Process and Likely To Be Out In The Relatively Near Future (No more than two or three years)

1. Article on Mentoring, title not yet decided in GRAPEVINE, in late 2000 or early 2001. Contact for GRAPEVINE is Sue Vineyard, Heritage Art's Publishing, 1807 Prairie Ave, Downers Grove IL 60515.

2. Expectation is that articles by Ivan Scheier in the foreseeable future will come out from time to time in the e-journal and/or GRAPEVINE, perhaps several times a year.

3. With Mary Lou McNatt and perhaps others, a major revision and update on a Handbook for DOVIA Officers and Board Members. Completion of this project is not likely for at least two years.

4. A book of epigrams, anecdotes, and reflections, based on my life experiences. The book probably won't be completed until 2002-3. In any case it is not in the general area of volunteerism, covered by my archives at Regis University.

5. The website apparently gets a fair number of "hits". Most of them, I expect, are fairly straightforward requests for information and/or straight factual contributions. Some, however, may raise important conceptual issues and contribute to their discussion and illumination. Where time and process permit, I plan to respond to hits of this type, or look for someone else more qualified to do so. It would seem to me, that this type of hit and the response to it, might well be worthy of inclusion in the archives website with the item that triggered them.

C "Lost and Found". Scheier-Authored Publications Not Yet Located.

It is a "tribute"-If that's the word-to my lackadaisical filing and storage over the years, that even the most skilled and devoted effort has been unable to locate all my publications or other works. In deed, it might be that as many as five percent of them are of this "lost" status- at least lost for now. In some cases, these items are listed among my career publications (Section XVII) but we do not have the actual documents either in the physical archives or on the website. In other cases, the lost items are only in nagging slivers of memory and not listed at all. The following list is incomplete, therefore, but its purpose should be clear-to ask your support in locating these or similar documents, especially in situations where they can be copied and sent to Regis University for the Archives.

1. Scheier, I.H., Fautsko, T.F., and Callaghan, D. "MATCHING VOLUNTEERS TO CLIENTS". 1973, National Information Center on Volunteerism, Frontier 12, Boulder, CO, 75 pages.

2. Scheier, I.H. "How Business Can Make Money Off Non-Profits and Vice Versa." 1983, Yellowfire Press, Boulder, CO, 43 pages.

3. NEWSLETTERS. Section XVII mentions five newsletters I have published, edited and in large measure authored over the years: "The DOVIA EXCHANGE" (1980-97); The "Volunteer Courts Newsletter" (1967-73); "On Background " (1980-83); "Ex Libris " (1980-83); and "The Madrid Muse"(1991-96). The first four of these are relevant to the archives and the website, but, to my present knowledge, only the DOVIA EXCHANGE is represented there by a relatively few copies in Section XX of the website.

4. The VOLUNTAS TIME CAPSULE ON VOLUNTEERISM. This capsule is described in Section XXI along with a few sample excerpts. However, at this writing we are still trying to retrieve the full capsule and are by no means certain of being able to do so, or that it will be in acceptable condition for addition to the archives.

5.  Solving Problems in Meetings. James D. Jorgensen with Ivan H. Scheier and Timothy F. Fautsko.  Publisher Chicago : Nelson-Hall, c1981.

6.  Volume III of the listing of my career publications in Section XVII, itemizes approximately a dozen of my publications (originally numbered 42 thru 54) most of which we do not have as documents.

I believe most or all of the above "lost publications still exist in one library or another. Most likely places I know of include the great libraries on volunteerism of the state volunteer offices in Arkansas and Minnesota, the library at ENERGIZE, Inc., and quite possibly the fine library on volunteerism associated with Regis University itself.


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