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Table of Contents
The page #'s refer to the pages of the "New Volunteerism  Project: The Ivan Scheier Archival Collection."
Five bound volumes placed in the Reference collection of the
Dayton Memorial Library at Regis University
@ -- permission for use-with-acknowledgment
-- Appropriate permission must be secured from the publisher for re-publication



Page #’s

Who is Ivan Scheier?
Introduction and Background 1-5
Volume I
I A Philosophy of Work and Community
Introductory Notes
"Once Volunteering Was for Dreamers" a poem 2
Part I: The Importance of Assumptions 3-7
Part II: Underlying Beliefs and Biases 8-27
Part III: Annotated Bibliography 28-32
Part IV: Sampler of Several Key Philosophy Publications 33-78
-- Towards An Appropriate Technology of Voluntary Action" 34-39
-- "Leadership of Volunteers – Roads We Might Still Take" 66-71
-- "Volunteer Administration: An Emerging Misnomer" 72
-- "On Becoming a Dreamcatcher" 73-75
-- "Guerrilla Goodness" 76-78
-- "Not Just for Laughs: Smiles With A Message For Volunteering"@ 79-87
Part V: Outline of Archival Resources and Their Likely Availability 88
II Ethics in Volunteerism
Introductory Notes
"Ethics in Volunteerism: with Putnam Barber" 1-4
"Values in Volunteering: Time to Reconsider"  5-6
"The Imitation of Volunteers: 7-12

Towards an Appropriate Technology of Voluntary Action" 

III Creative Problem-Solving (Including Think Tanks)
Introductory Notes
Part I – Oriented to the Think Tank/Refection Pool Process
Introduction to Part I 1
What Is A Think Tank (training handouts as summaries) @ 4-8
"The Think Tank Technique" Administrative Manual @ 9-27
Part II – Individual Creative Problem-Solving Methods/Approaches
Introduction to Part II – "A Reconsideration ..." 28-29
The Support Circle – A Problem-Solving Network 30-33
Questioning the Question and the Evolution of a Question @ 34-41
Anchors (and Sails) @ 42-54
Grooves and Getting Out of Them - Three Essays 55-71
     The Power of Assumptions
     Getting Out of the Groove
     Leadership of Volunteers – Roads We Might Still Take
What If....? @ 72-78
Upside Down and Inside Out   @   79-80
Option Expansion @ 81-85
Tower of Babel @ 86-87

Volume II

IV Futuring
Introductory Notes
Part A Images of the Future, Sequence I    3-10
Basics of Futuring
Part B Images of the Future, Sequence II   11-31
Part C Opportunity-Threat Analysis 32-46
Preparing for the Future @
Bracketing  @
Future Fact Analysis   @
Part D Visioning 47-64
Visioning: The Freedom to Dream  @
Voluntas: Time Capsule   @
Voluntas: The Residence at Madrid  @
Stillpoint: A Philosophy  @
Harmony  @
V Making Dreams Come True (Without Much Money)
Introductory Notes
"Rules for Dreamers" Grapevine 3-7
"Rules for Dreamers" Journal of Volunteer Administration
"On Becoming A Dreamcatcher" Grapevine 8-10
Once Volunteering Was... Poems, Quotations and Song
VI Work Enrichment
Introductory Notes
A -- The Architecture of Work @ 3-14
B -- Division @ 14a-16
C -- The Work Assignment Grid 17-26
D -- The Membership Input Process 28-40
E -- Job Factoring 41-64
F -- The Window of Work @ 65-89
G -- Need Overlap Analysis in Helping @ 90-124
H -- "New Noah" or Bidding at the In-House Volunteer Fair @ 125-128
H2 -- How all the Work Enrichment Methods Fit Together @ 129-130
I -- Style Profiling 131-138
J -- Samples of Integrative Documents @ 139-140
      Motivating Staff and Volunteers:The Key to Retaining Your Staff
K -- "The Other Kind of Paycheck" and @ 141-142
               "The Role of Work Enrichment Specialist"

Volume III

VII An Expanding Universe of People Who Can Help
Introductory Notes
"Exploring Volunteer Space: The Recruiting of a Nation 0
"Towards a New Helping Team: An Expansion Checklist" 1
"Volunteer Administration: An Emerging Misnomer" 2
"Many-To-One: The Surround Strategy, Part I 3-5
"Many-To-One: The Surround Strategy, Part II 6-11
"Shelleyville. Proposal for a Correctional Volunteer Community" @ 12-21
"The Fulltime Freelance Volunteer: A New (?) Social Entrepreneur" @ 22-23
"Circuit Riders: Proposal for a National Volunteer Clearinghouse" @ 24-29
"The Diary of a Gypsy Consultant" @ 30-38
"Pressured Participation and Volunteering: 39-40
     Four Positive and Seven Negative Scenarios" @
"Helping Fields and Helping Program 41-47
     (Or, Should Corporations Hire Mediators)?" @
"Stretching Our Boundaries" @ 48-53
"Volunteer Administration: Meadows Beyond the Garden" 54-55
The DOVIA Exchange
VIII The Minimax Set
Introductory Notes
The Original MINIMAX Method @ 1-26
Co-MINIMAX I @ 27-31
The Central Network Pool @ 33-38
The Glad Gift Game 39-42
IX The Network Initiation Packet
Introductory Notes
Serious Networking Within the Group 35-41
Guided Conversation 42-43
Mix’N Match 44-46
Connections 47-48
The Circle @ 49a-49b
The Participation Poster 50-52
Learning Exchange @ 52
The Glad Gift Game 53-56
Walkabout Exchange @ 56a
The Support Circle 57-59
Guess Who @ 60-62
The Trade-Up Game @ 63-64
Better Togethers or Toolpools @ 65-66
The Bridge: A Guide for Networkers@

Volume IV

X Strengthening Entirely (Or Mainly) Volunteer Groups
Introductory Notes
"When Everyone’s a Volunteer: 1-2
      The Effective Functions of All-Volunteer Groups"
"Enhancing Entirely Volunteer Organizations" @ 3-6
"Meanwhile Back at The Neighborhood" @ 7-43
"Consultant to Entirely Volunteer Groups: @ 44-52
      A Promising New Career Track"
"Volunteer Administration: An Emerging Misnomer" 53
"Volunteerism: Is There Life After Agencies" 54
"Creating a New Career Path for Yourself and For the Profession: 55
      Some Starting Steps"
"Working With Grassroots Groups" 56-60
XI Feasible Fundraising for Un-Strong Groups
Introductory Notes
"Earning Your Own Way: A Decision Checklist"(unpublished) 2
"Feasible Fundraising"   Chapter 6 -"When Everyone’s A Volunteer" 3-8
 Description, presenting background of methods for:
      1 ‘Time Tithing’ @
      2 ‘Cause-Related Advertising’ @
‘Time and Tithing’ and ‘Cause-Related Advertising’ 9-10
      1 'Establishing Your Own Friends Group' (unpublished draft) @ 11
      2 Organizational Leasing (unpublished rough draft)  @ 12-13
"Business enterprise in the Non-Profit Sector," 1984  @ 14-18
XII Empowerment of the Professional
Introductory Notes
"Moving Along: Case Studies of Career Paths for Volunteer Coordinators"  1
"The Part-Time Profession:  Percent and Nature of Time Investment 2
      In the Volunteer Leadership Career" @
Empowerment Series in The Journal of Volunteer Administration 3
"What’s in Our Name"  4-9
"Seeing Ourselves As More Than Subsidiary"  10-15
"Leverage Points and Process"  16-23
"On a Personal Note – Professional, Too"  24-25
"Creating Careers for Volunteer Coordinators"  26-32
"X-Rated Organizations, Expendable Professionals, and 33

a Modest Proposal" 

XIII Preparing and Supporting the Leadership Professional
Introductory Notes
"Stop Wasting Training Time! Try the S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D Workshop" 3-6
      "The S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D Workshop: An Outline" @ 7
"A Volunteer Consultant’s Story"@ 8-16
"The Scheier Project" @ 17
"Statement of Purpose – 18-20
      Voluntas: The Center for Creative Community"@
"What They Say About Voluntas" @ 21
"The Establishment and Use of Retreat Residences @ 22-23
      and Other Refection-Friendly Situations"
"A Stillpoint Philosophy" @ 24-32
XIV Staff/Volunteer Relations
Introductory Notes
"Building Staff/Volunteer Relations"  1
"The Things Volunteers Do! A Thousand Names of Caring" @ 3-13
"Fairy Tales as Factors in Volunteer Program Failure" @ 14
"Volunteer Program Goal Clarification Process" @
"Suggested Components In A Volunteer Program Policy" @ 15-16

Volume V

XV Checklist-Evaluation Section
Introductory Notes
"The Basic Feedback System" @ 1-62
Building Your Own Evaluations 63-66
...Perspectives On Volunteers 
...The Reasons That I Volunteer @
...Priority Goals for Your Volunteer Program @
...Volunteer Program Mythology @
...Some Suggested Components In A Volunteer Policy @
...Building Your Own Evaluation:A 12-Step-Process @
...Things the Evaluator Needs to Evaluate, For Planning @
"DOVIA-Strengthening Checklist" 67-69
"Earning Your Own Way" @ 70
"What’s In Our Name" @ 71
"Guidelines and Standards For the Use of Volunteers @ 72-66
      In Correctional Programs" (only bibliographic information included)
"Self-Assessment System for School Volunteer Programs"  @ 77-189
XVI Miscellaneous
Introductory Notes
"The Revolution in Recruiting" 1-9
Traveling Exhibit on Volunteering 10-15
Matching Citizen Participation 16-22
"Self-Help and Helping (SHAH)" 23-25
"Exploding the Big Banquet Theory of Volunteer Recognition: 26-33
XVII Career Publications of Ivan Henry Scheier 1-16
Introductory Notes
Volume I: Methodology and Personality
Volume II: Structure and Measurement of Personality
Beyond Bound Items
Philosophy and Ethics
Problem-Solving and Future-Looking
Dreams (As Creative Goals and Visions)
Training and Education
Volunteer Groups
Expanding Concepts of Volunteerism and Volunteer Administration
Professional Development in Volunteer Leadership
Staff/Volunteer Relations
Checklists... Evaluation
Motivation, People Approach
Poetry and Aphorisms
Articles and Publications added after 2000
XVIII Subject Index 1-2
Volume VI
XIX Community Leadership and Participation Through the Education System
Who is a Volunteer? (Jun 1978) 79 pages
Getting Involved (Jun 1978) 40 pages
Group Reflection:
Understanding the Volunteer Experience (Jun 1978)
45 pages
A Map of Volunteer Country (Aug 1978) 62 pages
Economics and Volunteering (Aug 1978) 61 pages
A Tradition of Caring and Sharing (Aug 1978) 89 pages
Volunteering Around the World (Jul 1979) 129 pages
Volunteering and Career Preparation (Jun 1978) 31 pages
Working for What You Believe In:
The Advocacy Volunteer (Apr 1979)
72 pages

Volume VII

XX The DOVIA Exchange
Section A: Fact Sheet
Section B: Activating Your Local DOVIA
Section C: Handbook on How to Start or Strengthen a DOVIA
Section D: The DOVIA Exchange
Section: E: Doing DOVIA Right - A Success Practice Checklist
XXI The Time Capsule
XXII Additions to the Collection Beyond 1999

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