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VAT: Volunteerism's Newsletter Vintage: 1993

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The DOVIA Exchange

By Ivan Scheier

Dear DOVIA Exchange Readers:

We’re pleased and excited to be a part of Grapevine. As introduction or, for some, reminder: "DOVIA" – Directors of Volunteers in Agencies – is the most frequent name for local or regional associations of people with a career or other serious interest in leadership of volunteers. Other equally good names are "DOVS," "network," "society," "association," "roundtable," etc.

The DOVIA Exchange, now in its ninth year, exists to promote networking and growth among some 600 DOVIAs in North America. Unless you live way out in the country, you're unlikely to be more than fifty miles from the nearest DOVIA; an estimated 50% or more of volunteer administrators are members of a DOVIA-type professional association.

The checklist at right offers some suggestions we've learned over the years for operating a successful DOVIA. We suggest several knowledgeable people complete the checklist independently, then compare results - the differences can be illuminating. To the extent consensus exists on a total score, unchecked statements are a basis for improvement plans. But if you are a new DOVIA, or in the midst of major reorganization, a relatively low score is normal -do not be discouraged.

We'd very, much like to hear from you with questions about the meaning or importance of any statement, your suggestions for other success practices to include in future checklists, and a copy of your consensus checklist (definitely to be kept anonymous).

Next issue we'll feature feedback on the checklist or any other input you'd care to share. We'll also have a first resource list specifically targeted on effective DOVIA functioning. Finally, we begin a series on new careers for volunteer coordinators.

Doing DOVIA Right – A Success Practice Checklist

_____ Leaving space blank means ‘not significantly true of us’
purpcheck.gif (863 bytes)   One check means ‘partly but not fully true of us’
purpcheck.gif (863 bytes)purpcheck.gif (863 bytes) Two check means ‘fully true, close to perfect, really excellent’


-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Membership has steadily increased over the past years.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We recruit members aggressively, using inclusive criteria.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Membership list is updated yearly, with labels and computerized.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We don’t have trouble getting and keeping good people as officers and committee chairs (this includes good new people).

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Our membership, workshop and other fees are affordable.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Membership benefits include discounts and special rate offers.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We award more-than-token scholarships to deserving members.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)New members are matched with a mentor, if they want one.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Our permanent address doesn’t change with new officers.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)DOVIA files are in a permanent, secure, convenient location.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Our excellent newsletter comes out (on time) at least quarterly (or we have regular extensive coverage in a related newsletter).

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)An accurate, complete membership directory comes out annually.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We publish member resources and needs to facilitate networking.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Members have access to a well-stocked lending library.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We collaborate with related organizations and/or nearby DOVIAs.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We sponsor or co-sponsor joint recruiting and/or recognition events.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Our annual award for outstanding volunteer coordinator is a ‘big deal.’

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Annually we have a special event for members and their bosses.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We sponsor or co-sponsor an excellent annual workshop series.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Think tanks and/or trainer opportunities, etc. show our special concern to offer something meaningful to advanced members.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We’ve developed our own ‘traditions,’ both serious and humorous.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)We have our own attractive logo (or other identifying design).

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Yearly, we carefully survey members’ reactions/needs re DOVIA.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)DOVIA-as-a-whole has a general community betterment project.

-box.gif (863 bytes)box.gif (863 bytes)Give yourself two checks here for something outstanding you’re doing, not mentioned above.

______________  Total number of checks time 4 for score of 0-100.

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Ivan Scheier
607 Marr
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, 87901
Tel (505) 894-1340

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