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Welcome to Wayne Cook's Web site!

This site is to help students in my class know what material is being presented and what is expected.  It is just the start of a web site, so ignore the rest of this page until I have a chance to do something with it.

Class Links

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The Websites for the courses I have taught recently are:

Fun Links


History of Computers and the Internet

It is intended that I add some of my favorite links here.


  1. OMG's UML Documentation and main Resource Page
  2. Wikipedia UML Overview
  3. IBM/Rational Unified Modeling Language Overview
  4. CS432 UML Course Examples

C++ Articles

  1. The C++ Programming Language - Stroustrup C++
  2. Wikipedia C++ and Technical Report 1 2005 addendum to standards
  3. Object Oriented Analysis & Design and CRC Cards

Visual Basic

  1. Microsoft Visual Basic Help
  2. About Visual Basic Training

Database and MySQL

  1. MySQL Main Page and Products

Binary Mathematics

  1. MathWorld Description
  2. Binary/Octal/Decimal/Hexadecimal Base Converter

Boolean Algebra

  1. Yahoo Encyclopedia Definition
  2. Wikipedia Description
  3. MathWorld Description

Operating Systems

  1. howstuffworks "How Operating Systems Work"
  2. Wikipedia Description
  3. Computer Hope List of Computer Operating Systems



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